A number of diversified industries, good export potential and large domestic market make Ukraine an attractive place for investment and business development.

However, against background of Russia’s invasion into the territory of Ukraine, a temporary relocation of business into the near-bordering countries may become a forced step and a good option.

Moore network with global reach is the opportunity to implement best practice through leveraging the knowledge of other members.

Connections made easy


Frequent contact between partners and senior teams across the network is central to what makes us successful. CEE Desk in Ukraine is overseen by our Moore European colleagues to ensure essential business insights from the countries they support quickly spread across the whole world and help firms develop their international contacts.

Moore agile, interconnected network is ideally placed to take advantage of the new business landscape. CEE Desk in Ukraine applies collaborative approach to yield tangible benefits.

Moore CEE-Countries Desk in Ukraine deals with many relocation, setting up and business assistance issues: strategy advice, taxation, transfer pricing, merges & acquisition, investment support and much more. Our team is at your disposal to assist you at each stage by drafting necessary documents and acting on your behalf at the state authorities.


  • Execution of the constituent documents. Preparation of the necessary applications and forms for the state registration.

  • Assistance in choosing effective tax system (incl. registration as a VAT payer, if necessary).

  • Obtaining an electronic digital signature for submission of the reports to the tax authorities.

  • State registration of the business with the United State Register. Registration with the local state authorities (incl. the State Fiscal Service, the Customs Service, etc.).

  • Assistance in opening bank accounts in local and foreign currency.

  • Execution of other internal documents (incl. employment documents, if necessary).

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