Software implementation


The technological innovations are sweeping the globe and the pace of change in the technology sector means that the need to adapt quickly is vital. This evolving operating environment requires knowledge and experience of the key issues facing tech companies. From valuing intellectual property to complex compliance issues, data security to business process modelling, our professionals offer effective, strategic and operational solutions specifically tailored to the needs of every organization.

Our team of true experts has got a valuable experience in cooperation with international organizations (UNHCR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, IFRC, OSCE) by carrying out audits and review of special purpose financial statements prepared basing on the Head Office requirements, performing project monitoring in view of local audit, conducting an Assessment of an Implementing Partner’s Financial Management Capacity (Micro-Assessment). The Company’s best practices are associated with identification and assessment of potential fraud risk factors during the AUP engagements, rendering AUP services under the financial report and preparing the respective reports of factual findings regarding EU-financed Grant Contract for external activity. 
In addition to the performance of audit and related services in accordance with international standards, Moore team renders the management consulting services, including design & supervision of reorganization processes and software implementation, with the constant focus on the latest technology innovations to provide our clients with the highest quality service. We avail ourselves of the opportunity to enhance our services by means of constant implementation of new ideas to ensure the service rendering in full compliance with the conditions of Ukrainian market. Our team members keep abreast of the latest developments in the sphere of fraud detection & prevention; expanding and sustaining successful data analytics programs; analyzing General Ledger data; using data visualization to report insights gleaned from big data etc.
The provision of services is based on new successfully implemented technological platforms and encompasses the following:

  • Hardening IT Security level to comply with Information Security Standards
  • Planning and implementing new geographic-distributed scalable IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of IT processes, IT infrastructure planning, re-organization of IT infrastructure in new office, migrating services to virtual environment, implementation of virtualization for better utilization resources, migrating core services to new infrastructure based on virtual environment
  • IT network security analysis, implementing recommendations of PCI DSS standardization organization

After careful analysis of available technology facilitating the audit and related processes we focus on the products based on CaseWare ® platform such as CaseWare Audit and strong analytical tool Case Ware Idea ®. Our team is always in quest for innovative technologies opening up new vistas, enabling agile development and facilitating the effectiveness at each and every level of our professional services.

Having gained a vast and extensive experience upon successful implementation of projects on rendering:

  • Consulting services related with development of the corporate reporting structure to one of the largest international design & software development companies;

  • Tax consulting services and assistance with setting up accounting and reporting systems;

  • Assistance in accounting software implementation,

Our team of true experts is in a position to advise you appropriately in this field.  In addition, our global association means that you can be confident that we can provide the right solution to your local, national and international needs.