First Line Technical Support

Cost optimization opportunities are sought by an ever-increasing number of organizations nowadays. Outsourcing services render it possible for the company to streamline its staff team and attract external specialists to perform ad hoc tasks, for e.g. certain IT software support & maintenance services. The staff team optimization issue is especially acute as far as IT security is concerned. It is not only the serviceability of dozens of security solutions that shall be insured in large companies; the adjustments into configuration shall be made, kept up-to-date and running. Besides, the urgent restoring of systems or required data might be needed.

The above described modern approaches offer possibilities to transfer these duties to external contractors, thus ensuring high efficiency and cost optimization. First line technical support rendered by our professional team provide our clients with highly-qualified and certified experts who can be approached any time regarding any configuration-related issues, security incidents or for immediate consultations rendered within minimum response time on a 24х7х365 basis.