As evidenced by the years of our hands-on experience obtained in the course of rendering of audit services in Ukraine the highest quality service is the basic requirement imposed by the clients nowadays. It is for this reason that the customer preferences have always been our first and overriding priority in the audit setup process. The applied approaches and technologies ensure full compliance with the International Standards on Auditing.

Audit services

  • Audit of full set of financial statements prepared in accordance with applicable accounting framework, such as Ukrainian NAR(S)U and/or IFRS

  • Audits of Group Financial Statements for consolidation purposes

  • Audits of Single Financial Statements and Specific Elements

Risk-based audit approach

We use a risk-based approach to understand our clients' operations, their environment, and their industries. Our audit team identifies the areas where the risk of material misstatements in your financial statements is the highest. Through discussions with management and our past experience, we identify risk areas, determine the audit strategy and tailor our audit approach to the specific engagement.

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