Whilst sovereign fiat currency in the form of physical cash remains the only universally acceptable form of public money, innovations in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins can offer more effective forms of transactions and will continue to disrupt the finance industry.

Interview with Anton Colella, Global CEO of Moore Global

Interview with Global CEO of Moore Global Anton Colella was published on the 2/2019 issue of the European Court of Auditors Journal under the theme “Fraud and Corruption. Ethics and Integrity”. He shares some of his views regarding the role of values, integrity and true leadership, particularly when it comes to fraud and corruption and how audit firms should deal with this.

One of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting takes office of a Moore Global Chairman

After 15 years as Chairman of the leading international accountancy and consulting network, Moore Stephens International, now Moore Global, Richard Moore today announced his decision to step down at the end of 2019. During Richard’s period as Chairman, which began in 2004, the network has grown its combined revenues from around USD 600m to around USD 3bn, extending its global coverage to more than 110 countries. Richard will remain an active member of the network through Moore Family Office Limited, specialising in advising international private client families.

Moore Stephens Rebrand Announcement

From today, Moore Stephens-Kyiv relaunches our brand to become ‘Moore’. This is part of a wider rebrand of the Moore Stephens global accountancy and consultancy network, of which our team here in Kyiv is a member. The unveiling of a new logo, visual identity and brand positioning marks the continued evolution of the international network. The brand captures our ability to connect to you locally and globally as we help you realise your ambitions. That is why our brand position is ‘Helping you thrive in a changing world.’

Ukraine signs the Singapore Mediation Convention facilitating the implementation of international mediation agreements

Ukraine adopts the best European and worldwide practices on international disputes resolution. On 7 August 2019, together with representatives of 46 countries, Ukraine signed the Singapore Mediation Convention. The simplified procedure for the performance of mediation treaties would facilitate the promotion and inculcation of amicable settlement of international commercial disputes. Implementation of alternative dispute resolution methods in judicial system of Ukraine is expected to have a positive effect on the country’s investment attractiveness and worldwide reputation facilitating the access to justice.

One click for no-queue-and-no-bribe model of e-services with the President's Decree

The government of Ukraine takes another step towards simplification of operations ensuring transparency of work of state registers through the development of modern electronic means. No paper bureaucracy is now at hand with the Decree of the President of Ukraine on e-services. The Decree provides the launch of a single web portal of e-services, where Ukrainians will be able to gain access to information about themselves in state registers and priority e-government services.

Facilitating doing business in Ukraine - a new wave of legislative liberalization.

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) cancelled the mandatory sale of 30% of foreign exchange earnings on the interbank foreign exchange market by the enterprises.
The law becomes effective on 20 June 2019. The complete cancellation of mandatory sales of FX earnings is another important step towards liberalization process for the foreign market in Ukraine. The NBU is convinced that another wave of legislative relief will not have any negative consequences for macro-financial stability of the country.

AI integration in the day-to-day working environment – modern approach for progressive business leaders

The Moore member-firms do their best to provide the clients with the up-to-date solutions and modern ways of doing business in our world of trade evolution and globalization. On the 21st of May the member of Moore Stephens International Limited network and one of the 25 largest accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S., Armanino LLP announced at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Executive Roundtable the launch of the Armanino AI Lab for business executives seeking to deploy AI technologies within their organizations. The AI Lab will enable decision makers with a pragmatic approach for demystifying and incorporating modern AI client-ready solutions within the business landscape. Find out the latest MSI news and learn how to boost your business by implementing innovative solutions together with Moore team.

Modern Solution for the Avoidance of Double Taxation: Fair Rules for International Businesses

On 23 July 2018 Ukraine signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting. In practice, the Ukrainian entities should now be ready to prove the commercially justified purpose of certain transactions or foreign company incorporation to which a certain payment is made. And a long-term corporate structure may go to pieces due to considerable tax burden on account of cooperation with foreign companies. What facts are to be considered by the Ukrainian entities right here and right now? Trace the latest legislative news with Moore team to reduce inefficiencies, mitigate risks and improve opportunities.

Digital Assets - Evolution of Modern Audit Approaches

Blockchain technology is not only in vogue, it is starting to disrupt the incumbent payments industry by delivering enhanced speed, security and transparency. We share our audit and accounting observations in this rapidly evolving industry to help management plan for more seamless audit and accounting services, some of which can be delivered in near real time with the correct tools, planning and experience. Get more information on this issue from the ad-hoc report of our Blockchain Collaboration Group and find out how Moore team can support your organisation's approach to digital assets.

Much has been done recently to facilitate the policy of currency control in Ukraine

The NBU has revised the Instruction On the Procedure for Opening and Closing Bank Accounts and Correspondent Bank Accounts - Residents and Non-residents.  With the perspective of a gradual transition to the free floating of the capital, the NBU granted non-resident legal entities, including investment funds and the asset management companies which act in the name of such funds, the right to open accounts in the Ukrainian financial institutions. The simplified procedure for opening the bank accounts would have a positive impact on the business activities in Ukraine. Learn more about the amendments adopted by the NBU and be up to speed on the current situation with the Moore team.

Explore our newly launched website on IFRS reporting transformation

We are delighted to share with you our newly launched website highlighting the latest line solutions as to the transformation of IFRS financial reporting! EU has obliged Ukrainian government to harmonize Ukrainian accounting policy with that of EU. It is against this background that in October 2017 Verkhovna Rada approved a package of legislative changes introduced to the Law “On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine.” Moore team has done its best to make amendments to the Law easy to comprehend.

Ukrainian system of currency regulation finds a new lease of life

Aiming to make the country more investor-friendly, the government of Ukraine continues implementing changes to the current laws. At this, the Currency Law has recently been modified. Operating within the Ukrainian environment the Moore Stephens-Kyiv team is ready to provide the Companies with independent advice on the prudent application of the Law. Read more about the adjustments of the Currency Law that are implemented from the 7th of February 2019 and the related services of Moore that are a helping hand in any challenges your business may face.

January opens a season of new legislative adjustments

January opens a season of new legislative adjustments. The sphere of the tax law has always been a place of the ongoing shake-ups. This year is not an exception. There are several changes introduced to taxation rules previously adopted by the Ukrainian parliament. The main changes in the application of transfer pricing rules concern the elimination of currently existing inaccuracies and some technical mistakes.

Read more about the TP legislative adjustments and the related services of Moore team that are a helping hand in tax disputes that may emerge when conducting business in Ukraine.

Employment of Foreigners in Ukraine – Legislative Adjustments

Prospective development of the economy of Ukraine beckons foreign investors. Moore team keeps abreast of the latest business-related trends and the ways of their potential development. Recent facilitation of the procedure of the receipt of a work permit for foreigners keep attracting foreign investors as well as individuals willing to do business in Ukraine. Read more about the adjustments of the Law and the related services of Moore team that are a helping hand in any challenges your business may face.

2018 Virtual Reality Awards - Innovative Hubs sponsored by Moore

Innovative breakthrough is the watchword in the modern world of constant evolving technologies. Moore Stephens is always in quest for innovative technologies. Recently, Moore sponsored the 2018 Virtual Reality Awards program. Know more about ground-breaking projects being always a special focus issue of our Moore international team.

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