A technology revolution is sweeping the globe and the pace of change in the technology sector means that the need to adapt quickly is vital.  

Our team is aware of the fact that this evolving operating environment requires knowledge and experience of the key issues facing tech companies. From valuing intellectual property to complex compliance issues, data security to business process modelling, our professionals offer effective, strategic and operational solutions specifically tailored to the needs of every organisation.

Realising your international ambitions for globalisation is a key trend in the business world today. The global reach of the Moore network means that our established international team is well positioned to provide insight into local market issues as well as strategic international solutions for financial advisory and compliance to clients at all stages of their business lifecycle.

In today's globalized world, countries that can utilize fully the benefits of information and communication technologies were able to move to the higher levels of economic and social aspects of their development.
The software industry is in high demand among private companies and public institutions. 

The positive developments in information and communication sectors in Ukraine are showing signs that this trend of growth in the sector would continue.

Our Technology Sector-Related Projects:

  • Consulting services related with development of the corporate reporting structure to one of the largest international design & software development companies.

  • Tax consulting services and assistance with setting up accounting and reporting systems.

  •  Assistance in accounting software implementation.


“My thanks and gratitude go to the Moore team for their consummate professionalism, due care and diligence as well as ‘hold-the-line’ approach in exercising integrated control over all on-stream projects. This is a team of true experts having a vast experience in tweaking the solutions of challenging and precarious situations. The cooperation with this expert team facilitates the business performance and development…”
Anastasiya Tsyplukhina
BT Global Services