Financial due diligence


Financial due diligence on business transactions, mergers and acquisitions is a critical aspect of transaction planning as it can affect the purchase price for a business or even the decision whether to proceed. The prudent investor understands the benefits of conducting due diligence on the target company as it provides more substantive information in terms of underlying issues and understanding key trends and indicators. That’s why appointing appropriately skilled members of the due diligence team is critical to ensure the information is adequately understood and its impact is accurately evaluated.

Our due diligence approach is to provide peace of mind by identifying all the critical factors for which an informed decision can then be made. Our due diligence provides companies with multi-sourced information that is crucial for understanding the true level of risk involved. Our due diligence can prevent a financial calamity or allow the purchase of the target firm on a better price or more advantageous terms.

Our experienced professionals undertake a tailored approach and focus on key risk areas to provide pragmatic and commercial insights to ensure the investment rationale is robust and the difficult questions can be answered.

The strength of the combined experience of Moore assurance, advisory and tax service division means we can thoroughly investigate and identify risks and opportunities, ensuring a profitable and worthwhile transaction, as well as significantly enhancing your position in the potential transaction.

Our Due Diligence team reviews the following:

  • reliability of financial information
  • liabilities and potential liabilities
  • accounting systems and controls
  • business and industry risks
  • key operational processes
  • critical success factors
  • tax implications, risks and opportunities
  • business synergy and cost savings opportunities
  • management and human resource matters
  • future working capital requirements