Education has always been given a thorough attention in Ukraine. This truth was emphasized long ago by Taras Shevchenko, the outstanding Ukrainian poet, writer and artist: “Be taught, read and learn from others; yet never set your own at defiance” (from “To the Dead and the Living…”). And the reason lies not only in its powerful resources to pass on and preserve the national heritage and culture. The study opportunities are particularly cherished for their ongoing contribution into further development and growth.

In view of the ever-growing demand for professional institutions and higher education courses in specific areas of business, we’ve got a vast experience in rendering advisory services to the tuition leaders globally known for enhancing business & finance programmes as well as internationally recognized accounting courses (CAT, ACCA, FIA etc.).

Whether you are a university, academy school, further education college, independent school or private training provider, your board and management will be grappling with significant challenges, many arising from the continued structural changes in the sector and funding methodologies. Despite this backdrop, we believe there are opportunities for providers to develop and sustain our Europe-oriented education system. Our team members will work with you to understand the ethos of your establishment and your needs, so that they can provide tailored services to help you achieve your ambitions.

Our services are designed to complement your existing resources and provide value for money.

By truly understanding your establishment we are able to tailor our services and provide an ad-hoc assistance to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Education sector – related experience:

  • Audit support (Audit of Group Reporting Package) to one of the well-known international leaders of enhancing business programmes (International Business Management MBA) of educational training and preparation of students to pass MBA exams 
  • Advisory services associated with CAP/CIPA project in Ukraine. Tax Planning & Optimization
  • Assistance in organization process of tender and start-up project successfully implemented in Ukraine in relation with training programs for the well-known international providers successfully operating both in the US and EU markets