IT Solutions Integration


Against background of ever-increasing requirements to service suppliers and intellectual services, the importance of maximum optimization and automation of business process can hardly be overestimated. The strict control and reliable protection of processes and infrastructure items will protect your company from financial and goodwill losses.

A portfolio of IT solutions has been prepared for our clients to ensure comprehensive data protection, in particular:

IT Solutions:

  • protection against DDoS attacks;

  • analysis of network traffic features for anomalies and attack detection;

  • managing configuration of infrastructure items;

  • infrastructure management and monitoring;

  • management and control over access to internal network;

  • protection of Web-apps;

  • in-depth analysis of malware and suspicious files; simulation of their execution environment;

  • proactive deception of attackers;
  • companies’ mobility management;

  • multi-factor authentication;

  • anti-virus protection;

  • protection against data leakage and adjustments;

  • protection of industrial power systems;

  • incident detection & response;

  • security monitoring and event correlation;

  • accounts & access management;

  • database backup encryption.

Apart from protecting the company’s IT systems, the infrastructure maximizing the productive and economically viable efficiency shall also be ensured. To this end, we provide the following:

Infrastructure solutions:

Network hardware
  • commutators of various types and configurations;

  • routers of various types and configurations;

  • scalable multi-functional network appliances;

  • wireless access points;

  • wireless bridges;

  • wireless network controllers.
Server hardware
  • hardware and virtual servers;
  • mainframes;

  • data backup & storage solutions;

  • work location subsystem;

  • peripheral equipment.