Public sector

Moore has a long and successful track record working with public sector organisations. Our engagements with the leaders investing in cultural activities, informational publications, educational programs and international relations have given us a valuable experience in the public sector. Our technology services and solutions enable our clients to meet the challenges they face every day.  With the need to consistently improve the level of service to the public, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to define, measure and act upon key performance indicators. 

Our team has a track record of success and invests much time developing close relationships with the clients. This enables us to build clients' trust and helps them feel able to seek their views on any matter.

Our experience is much wider than external audit, and we deal regularly with:

  • value-for-money/best value auditing

  • performance indicator reviews

  • corporate governance and risk management reviews

  • investigation of fraud; financial crime and other irregularities