Compilation of financial reports


A compilation engagement is an engagement when an accounting and financial reporting expertise is applied to assist management in preparing and presenting of financial information either in accordance with simple internally developed accounting policy or extended General Purpose Financial Statements (e.g. IFRS). The financial information is collected, classified and summarized basing on records, documents, explanations and other relevant information. According to such an engagement no opinion or conclusion on the financial information in any form is expressed.

Our wide experience, the latest advanced technology, relevant knowledges and skills make this process cost effective and more comfortable.

Using this combination, we can agree a plan of training activities and, potentially, your personnel will be trained and be able to proceed compilation itself in the future.

When & Why Required

  • Audit in compliance with the International Standards on Auditing
  • Submission of financial data to shareholders
  • Providing business owners and potential incorporators with financial information in international standard-setting
  • M&A transaction