Building & Construction

The building and construction industry is the foundation of our society - it impacts how and where we live and work, access to schools and hospitals and the infrastructure that supports our community. However, the industry’s future prosperity will depend on its capacity to evolve on business, technological and environmental fronts. At Moore, we understand how integral this industry is to the fabric of our society and we have extensive experience working with clients to find solutions to meet every objective.

The building and construction industry is being impacted by the volatile conditions of the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade and professional services industries. Over the last two years the positive dynamics of residential development, and most notably in metropolitan areas, have been observed in the Ukrainian market. Resale real estate market is within the low price range. Many investors consider the Ukrainian market to be potentially attractive in long-term perspective in view of the unique geopolitical environment of Ukraine.

Through our expert knowledge of the environment you operate in teamed with our long standing experience in the industry, our specialists will partner with your business to help you get where you want to be. 

Recognized for our industry credentials and extensive experience, we are focused on providing services to developers, contractors, builders, building products companies, as well as construction related professional and support services, with respect to assurance, tax, transactions, performance improvement and crisis management.

Corporate finance

We advise companies through the process of raising debt finance – whether this be a refinancing of existing debt facilities to obtain better terms & conditions, or raising new finance to support a company’s growth or to fund an acquisition. 

Our Construction sector – related experience:

  • Rendering of consulting services and support to the large international construction developers of logistic centers in Ukraine

  • Rendering of international audit services 

  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting outsourcing services

  • Representing the client’s interests in the tax disputes with controlling authorities

  • Assistance in acquisitions of real property to the major international business players

  • Consulting support in tax dispute with the tax authorities concerning the correctness of VAT input formation during the construction of the logistic center in Ukraine