Project Portfolio Management


Together with clients, the Moore project and portfolio management (PPM) experts will help develop the most appropriate line of communication in view of the generally accepted international standards:

  • traditional sequential management (Waterfall, CPM);

  • classical management (PMBOK);

  • flexible management (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc.);

  • changeable management (ECM, XPM);

  • process management (Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Process-Based Project Management).

Modern management technologies will help your business as efficiently as possible:

  • to use the current resource and to attract the additional ones;

  • to improve the business agility and project maneuvering, especially for businesses in a volatile business environment;

  • to monitor potential scenarios based on opportunities and risks and to become more competitive and commercially viable in the market.

Main distinctions of the approach applied by the Moore team:

  • integrity of horizontal targeting;

  • optimization of communication chain and synchronization of activities of each participant of the process;

  • differentiation of responsibilities in view of field of expertise of each branch unit;

  • possibility to employ expertise and team experience in another similar project;

  • reducing and minimizing the risk of wrong decisions;

  • flexibility and simplicity in solving typical tasks.