Integration of CRM / ERP systems



The company’s strategy can be developed via the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Our range of services includes:

  • automated financial management;

  • control of labor resources;

  • digitalization of relationships with partners;

  • logging the client operations;

  • digital management of changes.

A complex of ERP software applications unites all these areas into a single database. Thus, not only the above tasks are handled, but also many other issues related with efficient planning and corporate governance.


CRM software systemizes the communication process with clients as well as automates working algorithms at the enterprise. The optimization of business tasks saves the valuable time of experts. Besides, the CRM-platform renders it possible to maintain a single database with information about current and upcoming transactions, saves a complete history of customer interactions and sends due reminders to managers. The implementation of CRM-system streamlines the company’s activities and increases multi-fold your clients’ loyalty.