At Moore Polska, we are here to help you grow – to be business partners who see, understand and can MORE. However, we not only believe in but also follow a responsible supply chain, so we cooperate with companies with similar foundations of operation. In July 2022, among other things, thanks to Moore Poland’s orders, Marka Plus was able to donate PLN 2420 to the Pajacyk Foundation, which means about 403 hot meals for children.

ESG (Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance) – these are the factors based on which ratings and non-financial assessments are created for companies, various types of organizations or even states. These factors are key elements in the development of a company in a dynamically changing world. At Moore Polska, however, we not only believe in it, we implement it in-house, but we also help our clients achieve their ESG goals. Our framework is simple to implement and understand but will also bring fundamental changes. For the better.