Software Testing and Quality Assurance


The longstanding experience combined with a large number of implemented projects render it possible for our experts to advise on quality assurance strategy in the field of QA and business intelligence as well as draw up an effective software testing plan. QA procedures are designed to ensure the testing process quality as well as to check its compliance with the international testing standards. Analysis of management’s collaboration with IT departments of your business will help determine spheres that need to be further strengthened or elaborated to achieve the goals.

The scope of our services:

  • Automated testing

Complex applications require full package of services that guarantee high quality control standards.
Automated testing makes it possible to process thousands of tests for a limited period of time without any human involvement. This works well for performance-critical applications. High quality software testing services ensure preparation of applications in the shortest time possible for a potential user.

  • Manual testing

Manual quality assurance (QA) services are required when a specific task cannot be automated. Moore experts control the software QA level by conducting regular interface testing, usability testing as well as implement exotic scenarios. Thus, the Moore professional services on manual software testing give better results within a short period of time.

  • Functional testing

In order to ensure compliance of each application function with certain technical specifications, our experts conduct functional testing of software by applying black box testing technique. This type of software testing may be performed either manually or via the automated software. The data inputs are provided and then the outputs are verified against the expected outcome.