Support in implementation of renewable energy technologies in Ukraine

To date, the EU energy independence issue has become one of the most vital topics for discussion in the shadow of the recent Ukrainian and EU-events.
Plans, protocols and summit conclusions on reduction of EU dependence on non-EU sources are being drawn up to intensify the joint efforts.

Granted, the sustainable and renewable energy sources can benefit homeowners, business and government entities and meet the energy needs of many organizations. Against this background a number of industry round tables, educational sessions and hands-on workshops and academic conferences have been organized throughout Ukraine this year to highlight the on-top renewable-energy&resources-trends and to increase focus on the ‘green’ tariffs strategy. Within this context Biogas has become a real success story over the last years.

Our Company’s representative was delighted to visit the conference recently held in Lutsk (Volyn region). The discussion was devoted to the up-to-date biogas production & technologies and it opened up an opportunity to participate in the workshop targeting the issues of implementation of effective biogas plants. To achieve sustainable savings on this business area our speaker concentrated on the vital topic of effective project funding, strategies of venturing the investment project of the biogas plant construction.

Having gained a vast experience in rendering professional services to large international energy distribution companies, oil & gas companies, energy generating companies, as well as to the largest international companies operating in the sphere of petroleum refining, marketing, transportation and installation & maintenance of solar panels, the Moore team provides a full support of both governmental and private investors’ initiatives in the sphere of alternative energy resources.
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