One click for no-queue-and-no-bribe model of e-services with the President's Decree

No paper bureaucracy is now at hand with the newly signed Decree of the President of Ukraine “On some measures on Enhancement of Access to E-Services by Physical Persons and Legal Entities.”

“There are more than 350 state registers today in Ukraine, most of which are completely inefficient and non-transparent. This is the main cause for raiding, corruption and other schemes in the providing of various state services, such as construction or land industry,” Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov said. The Advisor then added that the audit of state registers and their further systemizing, the dissemination of the unified identifier for individuals to connect the data from different registers and introduce the e-interaction would make it possible to avoid requesting the same data and various certificates from citizens. The state services will be significantly simplified.

Fedorov adds, that the main goal is to transfer 90% of all government services to online mode by 2024, reducing the number of interactions of citizens and businesses with the authorities and reaching the zero level of corruption in this area.


"Transparent and reliable work of state registers will be the key to safe business development and effective management of the country as a whole."

Advisor to the President


President’s Decree provides for the launch of a single web portal of state e-services which enables citizens to have access to information about themselves in state registers (e.g. transport, taxes, land, property, and income) and priority e-government services through the e-cabinet.

Earlier it was reported that one of the top priorities of the new governmental policy is to reduce corruption in the sphere of administrative services. The Advisor of the President reports that, because of corruption in this area, billions of hryvnias drain away from the pockets of Ukrainians each year. Therefore, by the end of 2019, Ukrainian government plans to launch more than 200 priority electronic services in accordance with the new concept “The State in a Smartphone” - a new tool of interaction between citizens and officials helping in one click to receive information on the latest regulations.

“Every Ukrainian will be able to see our plan and the performance progress on a special web-site,” says Mykhailo Fedorov.

As for now, the government has already opened the online service of limited liability companies’ (LLC) and the NGOs’ online registration. There is also an opportunity to pay the penalties online. The government shall also take steps to enable the entities to submit their statutory reports in electronic form. The Decree also gets started work on conducting e-elections and e-census in Ukraine.

Among the key tasks of this Decree are: acceleration of replenishment of the Unified State Demographic Register, which currently contains only about 14 million citizens and the introduction of innovative eIDs.

The government of Ukraine takes another step towards simplification of operations ensuring transparency of work of state registers through the development of modern electronic means which are priorities for citizens and businesses. Such measures of the government provide citizens with encouraging outlook of fair and square perspective of incorruptible development of economy.  The lack of citizens’ eIDs, which is considered as one of the possible obstacles, is forecasted to be removed this autumn: the government plans to issue passports as ID cards with e-signature and implement the innovative approaches, such as MobileID and SmartID. These measures will help to translate digitalization of the country into reality as promptly as practicable.