About us

Moore in Kyiv represents a dynamic and highly professional audit and consulting firm that has consistently delivered exceptional services since its inception in 2002. Specializing in audit and accounting, tax and corporate finance, as well as IT and cybersecurity, we align ourselves with advanced global models and cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive solutions. Our clients benefit from a diverse range of services conveniently offered 'under one roof.'

As of 2007, Moore in Kyiv has proudly been a member of the Moore Global network, uniting like-minded professionals across over 100 countries. What sets Moore Global apart? We comprise a global consortium of over 34,000 seasoned professionals spread across 228 independent firms operating in over 110 countries. Our collective endeavors focus on providing clients with astute, pragmatic solutions and strategic counsel.

The contemporary tools at our disposal, encompassing artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, have evolved beyond recognition since the establishment of our enterprise. Nevertheless, the foundational principles of integrity and the provision of partner-led, personalized service remain steadfast and unaltered.

In essence, our reputation is built on our organic growth, collaborative work ethic, commitment to delivering quality in every aspect of our operations, dedication to driving innovation, providing exceptional value, and most significantly, our impact on changing the world.


Focused on Growth

We provide a full range of services. We will structure a solution to fulfil your requirements. Our firm goes a step further. We not only put quality at the heart of everything we do. We do more to add new ways and specialized expertise that will help us advance our client’s business.

Adding Exceptional Value to Our Clients

We are driven to be more than you wished for. Our business is arranged to meet your needs at each stage of the life cycle and to help you advance through whatever business issues arise. Moore passion of truly ambitious and outstanding people, a unique culture and identity, unrivalled learning and exceptional leadership development are focused on the areas that drive strategic value.

Our Rewards & Accomplishments